Advantage Technology Group

is a business service organization...

At the root of our organization is the belief that "today's technology" can empower entrepreneurs and Chief Executives to achieve their strategic vision. 

 Our mission is accomplished when we help you focus on the strategic elements of your business. The means to achieving that end lies in our ability to remove technology as a hinderance to the goal. With so much investment in technology, we think it ought to work....when you need it. We think systems should be stable, reliable, and scalable...upwards and downward as your demands fluctuate.

Advantage Technology Group is a full-service consulting firm based in the Greater Cincinnati area. Our focus is on two of the three pillars of every business, Technology and People. While we are a local company, thanks to today's technology, we have a global reach.

Our expertise has continuously provided the necessary people, processes, and tools to create a "competitive advantage" and improve "time to market" for our business partners. As a result, we have earned a solid reputation as a trusted advisor dedicated to helping our partners adopt and integrate the latest advances in technology; AND finding, developing and retaining OUTSTANDING people.

We have demonstrated a strong history of making IT business systems less complex, more reliable, and dramatically more efficient. And, we have developed Workforce Strategies that help us and our customers acquire, retain, and develop people who are loyal, trusted, motivated, and happy. We are committed to a "partnering" relationship model with our clients, so that we can help them leverage their use of technology and technology oriented personnel, so those partners can exceed their business objectives.

Advantage Technology Group is celebrating its 15th year of service to our community of clients ranging from Petrochemical and manufacturing, to law firms, eCommerce companies and even healthcare providers. We, sincerely, thank all of our partners: customers, clients, dedicated employees, associated consultants, and our vendors for making this enterprise sustainable. Truth is.... we just wanted to use our skills in managing IT assets and people. Along the way, we found our way.... This is our passion; while business is serious, we are having fun doing what we love.